Who We Are

Fall Creek Online Marketing is a content marketing firm in Indianapolis, IN focused on helping small businesses and individuals utilize online tools to market their business. With personalized service and a commitment to excellence, Fall Creek Online Marketing will help small business owners to establish their online presence, build their brand, and zero in on their target market at an affordable price.

The Fall Creek Name

I grew up in a little, hidden away neighborhood that is located on Fall Creek. All the neighbors would get together regularly and we had a little pocket where all the kids could run around and play.

Indianapolis barely knew we were there. Snow plows didn’t come to our neighborhood, but the guy at the end of the neighborhood would do it before he hit the streets with his plow. The parents would all help keep an eye on all the kids. Everyone knew everyone, even the cars they drove. We had a community. Each person had their niche.

I believe each business can find a niche like this in its market and online. Fall Creek Online Marketing embodies this sense of community as it works with small businesses to find their niche- their own Fall Creek.

For me, Fall Creek is a home, a community. That is what I offer with my service, and it is what I help my customers create through their marketing.

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