Custom-Fitted For You

At Fall Creek Online Marketing, the goal is to create a specific plan for each customer. I want to understand your brand and your business and share that with your market. If you don’t know what it is, I can help you craft that image and communicate it. My services will be specific to each customer because my goal is to help you Find Your Niche, Build Your Brand. That means that each customer will have a different niche to fill- whether that’s a geographical restriction, a unique product or a limitation on your business’s size- and I craft the strategy to accommodate that.We have two ways of helping you Find Your Niche, Build Your Brand below for you to read. My email is at the bottom of he page so you can contact me for more information.

Do It Yourself

This is a package that includes sitting down to discuss your business’s marketing objectives. I will pair your specific goals to strategies and tactics that can help you build the brand you envision.

If you feel as though you are too busy or are not comfortable with the content marketing realm, look at the next option.

We Do It For You

This package offers the same meeting to discuss objectives to be sure that your brand image is at the front of mind as we begin work building content for you.

However, this package puts the burden of creation on me, as I create the content and distribute it on the channels we decide to use to interact with your customers. I will keep you updated on new ideas and opportunities, as well as reporting results. You will have access to all of the channels, but I will be handling the marketing for you.


Want More Information?

If you would like to find out more about the products or set up a meeting, email me at